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Online Booking

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Give your patients the freedom and flexibility to book appointments online 24*7 with select+book, our FREE self-booking solution for Therapy Manager-Web users.
(This feature may not be available to NHS Trusts)
Flexible Scheduling
Choose which treatments, days locations and clinics can be booked online.
Specify your own descriptive text alongside treatments.
select+book days
SMS Verification
Avoid costly no-shows from online bookings by validating the identity of clients using SMS Text Verification.
Match existing clients using their mobile number so that online bookings are automatically linked to their client record.
SMS Verification
Simple, Branded Self-booking Page
Just add a link on your website and immediately start providing your clients with the convenience of online booking.
Instantly reduce administrative costs.
No coding required!
Additional Features
Notifications of Bookings in your
Online Booking Inbox

Customisable Terms & Conditions

SMS & Email Appointment
Reminders & Confirmations

Customisable Directions

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