Simple Cloud-based Patient Record Software for Private Clinics, AQP's and AHP's in the NHS

We like to keep things simple
We're "less is more" people.
We don't think it's helpful to jam lots of unnecessary features onto a smartphone screen that's no larger than your hand.
Practice Management in the Palm of your Hand
Pinch, Zoom & Squint
Isn't for us!
We've gone LARGE with a clean design and controls that you can tap with a normal human finger.
Our mobile web app allows you to securely access Therapy Manager-Web from the palm of your hand. There's no app to install - just point your browser at your Therapy Manager-Web sub-domain and we'll take care of the rest.
Login to the Therapy Manager-Web Mobile App
Here's some of the things you can now do on the move:
Find out who you're seeing & what you're seeing them for, along with the real time status of their appointment.
Want to look up a specific patient? Just click search and pull up their details including any notes and appointments.
View your Caseload
Active Demographics
Easily view key information about your patients, including their contact details.
Tap to Call Tap to Call
Tap to Email Tap to Email
Tap for Google Maps Tap for Google Maps
View your Demographics
Notes on the Go
Write up your notes quickly and easily wherever you are.
You can even use Google Voice Typing, Siri or third-party products like Dragon to translate your voice directly into text notes.
Notes on the Go
How do I get started?
Just enter your personal Therapy Manager-Web sub-domain into your smartphone browser, log in and you're good to go!
If you're not already using Therapy Manager-Web, just sign up for Early Access
Try It Free For 30 Days
Which smartphones does Therapy Manager-Web Mobile run on?
You can use Therapy Manager-Web on any smartphone with a web browser and access to the internet, including: iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and Blackberry
How does it work?
Therapy Manager-Web Mobile is a web app that uses the latest HTML5 technology and fluid design techniques.
Being a web app there is no data stored locally, so if your phone is lost or stolen, your data will not be compromised.
By using fluid design we automatically detect the screen size of your device when you access Therapy Manager-Web and present you with the most appropriate interface.